Waves folded one upon the other,Into a late evening indigo.. Dark as his eyes, the river glistenedWith mystery of its own language- A poem was being written, I supposed.As if under a spell, the sky dancedUpon the river in a slumbering joy,Revealing the shy poet’s heartIn lines that shimmered a thousand rows. There was a … Continue reading Indigo

Whispers of the night

I offer youthe whispers of the night,that the tree couldn't hold till morning..For I, like this tree, suffer the same plight, my darling!I wish I could spill my longing Like the fallen night jasmines,Into the lap of each morning!To feel your cheek against mine,Like the dew drenched petals longing for the early sun,Would I not … Continue reading Whispers of the night

Chandrullo unde kundelu [Translation]

Each time, I hear this song, the bhavukatha(romanticism) with which Sirivennela garu writes always gives me goosebumps, leaving me helplessly gaping in awe at the beauty with which his pen wields Telugu language! I have attempted a very loose translation to give you readers at least a subtle version of a feel behind this passion-filled … Continue reading Chandrullo unde kundelu [Translation]